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Welcome to the LEBRONZE ALLOYS POLAND website

LEBRONZE ALLOYS POLAND specialty is forging and machining parts (based on Customer’s parts drawings) from NON-FERROUS METALS & ALLOYS (brass, copper, aluminum).

The palette of our offer:

  • modernization of the product (technical concept)
  • production of die-forging tools
  • forging
  • galvano-plating
  • assembly

LEBRONZE ALLOYS POLAND is specialized in the forging and machining of nonferrous alloys. Thanks to Inoforges company extensive know-how, renowned for over 50 years, as well as its desire to innovate, the company is now one of the world’s major protagonists in the die forging of brass, copper and aluminium components.

The LBA Group
The group’s commitment is to find appropriate and optimized solutions for every sector’s requirements.

Lebronze alloys combines experience and development of new activities.

Complementary sites, the possible synergies but mostly the team’s willingness to work together in a close partnership with our customers makes up our strength and represents a fundamentally new route for our group.

Lebronze alloys group was born from the integration of different companies specializing mainly in copper alloys but also aluminum alloys and specialty steels.

Thanks to a multidisciplinary know- how, the group is today at the heart of heavy industries such as Aerospace, Oil& Gas, Power, Railway but also in sectors manufacturing smaller equipment and products.

One of the group’s major strengths is based upon its fully integrated production processes. All its products are manufactured in 9 complementary facilities which all offer industrial technologies (foundry, extrusion, forging, hot stamping, wire drawing, machining, centrifugal casting).

This particularity guarantees a complete traceability and thus a perfect control of quality.

With a task force of 1,100 persons, a turnover of € 220 million (90% exports), over 150 alloys, more than 30,000 tons of foundry capacity, 20,000 tons extrusion capacity, more than 100 machining centers and dedicated Innovation & Research departments, Lebronze alloys supports its customer from conception through to fabrication of any kind of parts.

To learn more about the LBA Group, please visit the website: www.lebronze-alloys.com

"50 years of experience in die forging and machining of brass, copper and aluminium alloys"

Electrical connectors

Connectors or connector parts; Industrial circuit breaker or isolator components low, medium and high voltage; Connector parts for low and medium voltage

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Liquid and gas flow parts

Flow gas components for boilers and burners; Valves for technical gases; Pumps Connection parts; Flow fixture parts; Gas pressure regulators; Vehicles gas installations flow parts

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Components for automotive

Mechanical joints for heavy truck vehicles; Suspension components; Bicycle parts; High mechanical resistance aluminum forged parts for automotive and transport applications

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"Infinite precision – forgings from brass, copper and aluminium"

Our group

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